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So right before I made my trip to Dresden for the weekend I spent all of Thursday in the Studio. Waiting to get a drill (may have to buy one at this point) I started to  make a few ink drawings… In the photo is my one sketch laying on and in front of the structure I will be assembling on Tuesday.

In process drawing

In process drawing





Walking around Dresden surrounded by some pretty amazing architecture.


“Memory is neve…

“Memory is never fully accessible” -Anish Kapoor

Work in Progress

As soon as I posted yesterday Hellwag arrived with my supplies. Check out the page “My Work” to see the progress of what’s going on in the studio. 

Art supply store near the studios

Art supply store near the studios

Last few weeks

Sorry that the post have been a little slow the past few weeks. We moved into the studio this past week and have been busy working. Currently, I am waiting for Hellweg (like Lowes) to bring me wood… So in the next few posts I’ll fill you in with the shows, galleries, and traveling I’ve been doing.

So over the past few weeks I’ve ben running around doing multiple things… went to the Reichstag building , Treptower park, Mauerpark flea market, saw an awesome electronic art show in Mitte, as well as Anish Kapoor’s show at the Martin-Gropius-Bau.  This coming weekend I’ll be traveling a bit south to stay in Dresden and check out what that city has to offer.


Found this out of place Zucchini at the Flea market...

Found this out of place Zucchini at the Flea market…


Stolpersteine (stumbling stones)

Walking around Berlin if you look down at the cobblestone sidewalks you can discover a lot. One of the first things that was pointed out to me was the tiny brass plate that laid among the cobblestone.

Stumble stones 1

These brass plates sat outside of different buildings but not all of them, or even within sight of each other.  The squares were part of artist GunterDemnig’s  piece was called “Stolpersteine,” or stumbling stones.  These were the markers, a memorial in front of the homes of people who were killed during the Holocaust.  Each holds information of the person who resided in the house: Their name,birth year, date of capture, camp taken to, and death (if found).  In Berlin, about 55,000 people were taken and killed in the Holocaust, there are some 2,800 brass tiles marking the dead in various parts of the city.

In 1996, Demnig placed is his brass plaque illegally in Berlin. What started as an independent art project has now become something of a social movement. Though this idea started in Berlin Demnig has legally installed this stumbling stones in various cities.

“The victims get back a piece of their identity and at the same time, every personal stone is also meant as a symbol for the entirety of all victims…”

“It’s a social sculpture and if you look at it as a whole, it is the biggest art monument in the world.”

As I continue to walk throughout Berlin I find myself trying to spot these small brass plates.

Bass stones 2

Check out this project  and learn more about it