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Move in Day

Today we were given access to our studio space. It is an old grocery store that has been hollowed out and turned into a show space/work space for artists. Can’t not wait to start making art for 10 hours each day minus weekends.. More posts of pictures to follow under “myWork” soon to follow. photo photo-2 photo-1

Tobias Sternberg

This  Wednesday, I had the pleasure of going to the studio of Tobias Sternberg.  While in his studio Sternberg did not simply want to talk about his work, but give more of a lecture on making it as an artist. He discussed the ‘ripple effect’ in the art world.  How putting your work out there, entering shows, and going to events (shows your in) can lead to more in the future. Sternberg also discussed 3 necessities he felt artist should remember and do:

1) Keep your faith: in your work and self.

     2) Meet people: go to the shows you get into when possible; offer your help to install your work. Give people a person/face to put toward your name

3) Work hard: Be in your studio working and creating. The amount of time you put into your work will pay off in the end.

Tobias Sternberg is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, collage, video, and installation.

Spirit Chair

Sculpture by Tobias Sternberg

Installation by Tobias Sternberg

Installation by Tobias Sternberg